Although we always start to design with paper and pencil, all our works go through a digitization process in a vectoring program once we have selected the sketches to start from. This allows us not only to obtain optimized templates for printing in large format, but also a very approximate visualization of the final result of the work once it is finished.

    We are constantly researching new materials, which allows us to create amazing effects in our works. So far, we have worked with glass tile, tile, glass, semiprecious stones, metals, marbles and pebbles. We hope that the list continues to grow and we can give our work that touch of exclusivity that we like so much.

    Our main objective is to understand you. Listening to your ideas, guessing features of your personality, your way of thinking and understanding the world, leads us to be able to develop YOUR IDEA. Our contributions based on experience, knowledge of mosaic art, the breadth and versatility of materials we use, leads us to a meeting point, a symbiosis of ways of thinking and the long-awaited and desired FINAL IDEA.

    Design-idea, two sides of the same coin. In the work of design we develop an inner meditation work, a provocation to the imagination, a constant struggle until the design that makes you fall in love emerges. The materials to be used is another basic pillar of the project. We use materials based mainly on glass, although we love exploring new horizons in minerals, ceramics, metals, exclusive pieces, fossils and many more.

    When your enthusiasm appears, we put ourselves in the manual part of the project. Each tile is worked by hand until the interaction of each one with the next and the previous one, provokes a set of light and color that does not leave you indifferent, that transmits all the enthusiasm, knowledge and intuition that we have displayed in your project .

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