It is our most ambitious project to date, since we have not only made mosaics, but also corporate image and style guide.

Starting from the idea of ​​the clients, we created the logo and assigned corporate colors and typography, which are present in the mosaic works that we can see in the reception and in the different rooms of the center. The objective was to combine elegance within an environment of tranquility and peace suitable for all audiences.

At the reception there are three mosaics, two of which can be detached (mandala and logo) and one on the wall (Buddha tree). The logo is backlit, as are the works in the main hall.

For the main room we created an image of the Buddha and the symbol OM in relief, and we added strips of led hidden in the frames at the request of the clients, since they are adjustable and help to create atmosphere in the classes. The OM is mounted on an agglomerate panel covered with textured vinyl paper in the tone of the wall, making it stand out as necessary without being excessively striking. For the Buddha, we made a frame to oversize the work, also painted in the tone of the wall and with a oak-paneled background to add warmth.

In the adjoining room we find 7 mandalas made in the shades of the 7 chakras. They are characterized by containing in their center the mineral stone corresponding to each chakra, and the grout in its corresponding color.

In the pilates room we find a mosaic in Roman style with 1 x 1 cm tesserae, which represents a tree rocked by the wind with a full moon in the background. Here the tesserae are so close together that it was not necessary to use grouting or grouting.

Finally, in the office we can see an abstract full body portrait of the client performing a yoga pose. Here we have used porcelain tile combined with glass and vitreous tile. This technique is characterized by the greater size in the elements and the cutting of the same, made with radial saw and later filing with grinder stone.

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