In Kusak Mosaic we are dedicated to beautify the world, providing soul to spaces that require a new opportunity.

The mosaic is our passion.


We are mosaic designers, artists and craftsmen.

We work this millenary technique in all its variations, using a variety of materials, both traditional (such as ceramics, glass or crystal tile) and innovative (such as metals, wood or minerals). We create complete spaces, focusing on the set of everything that surrounds our works, not only in the work itself. We work hand in hand with the client to create totally personalized and unique spaces.


Our main objective is to understand you. Listening to your ideas, guessing features of your personality, your way of thinking and understanding the world, leads us to be able to develop YOUR IDEA.

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We are a young company, but we have some projects that may interest you.


“Seriousness, efficiency, originality … Great Professionals. Enrich your ideas and make them grow. Our Yoga Center would not be the same without your Mosaics. We will not hesitate to continue counting on you. Thanks Kusak.

Javier Zamora Ruíz. Manager at “Ishvara Yoga Puertollano”.

“Great professionals, creative, efficient and with very good taste for decoration. Unbeatable price for a 100% handmade work, created from scratch. This company made me a huge mosaic with a portrait and it was impressive, as my wife and I dreamed. Now our room looks like another. The mosaic marries perfectly with the decoration giving a warmth and smell to home sweet home! Our note is a 10 for kusak mosaic, no doubt.”

Jorge Alonso García. Private Client.

“Hello friends. I think that seeing how this company works and seeing the projects already completed as well as some that are underway, there is no doubt about their professionalism, but in addition to the many ingredients that a work of this size and its industriousness have a “secret ingredient”, and that is that they put PASSION to everything they do, and that is for me the key to their success.

If you want to see some of his works you can also go through here The good thing is that they can be seen on weekends because it is a catering business and we have open … there are several jobs outside and inside, that you can see when you want. Greetings and thanks to KUSAK MOSAIC.”

Manuel Sánchez León. Manager at “Hotel Rural Casa del Valle”.

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